_0000sBrian Anderson

Brian Anderson – CEO of Media Mash & Founder of Peachtree SEO

“I’m a user of the original product.. this is unbelievable… you’ve seen nothing like it ever. I’ve looked at every video player on the market, SVP has features I’ve never seen before – it’s amazing!”

_0000sBill Guthrie Bill Guthrie – Cofounder of Opportunity Marketers & CEO of BillGuthrie.co

“It is awesome what this thing is able to do. I’m so excited! Really giving us all an amazing value, great pricing, so excited, I definitely want you to get involved with this. You’re going to be blown away.”

_0000sZane Miller Zane Miller – CEO Infospring Media

“One of the coolest tools I’ve ever seen. Videos pausing and then actually restarting up again as you go further down the page… some really slick stuff there. You’ll be all over it!”

_0000sBen Littlefield Ben Littlefield – Cofounder of 2RockStars

“It is one of the most Kick Ass, Easy to use, Video Systems we use… it looks clean, easy to set up. We love it, highly recommend it. If you haven’t tried it yet you absolutely owe it to yourself to make your life a little easier.”

_0000sDan Ardebili Dan Ardebili – co-founder of 2 Rockstars

“It is freakin’ awesome, it rocks! It just blew my mind.. It’s seriously awesome.”

_0000sMark Helton Mark Helton – CEO Stormfixers, Founder of The Marketing Mansion

“If you don’t have this amazing piece of software.. you have to check it out. This has blown everything out of the water… you are going to love it!”

_0000sJaime Ojeda Jaime Ojeda – Internet Marketer

“Amazing product! I use it on all my squeeze pages, on my capture pages… don’t look for anything else!”

T-_0006_Brandon Brandon Shelton – Internet Marketing

“Simple Video Pro is definitely my favorite video player tool to use. It gives you a lot of different functionality. …it gives me a professional feel. It really helps me be able to brand my business just because the video player looks so professional. ..There is no better tool than Simple Video Pro.”

_0000sJustin Wheeler Justin Wheeler – CEO of Vashon Media

“I have been using it on my sites, I really like it. It’s a fantastic solution. Nick, the guy behind it, is a very talented developer and he is always keeping it updated, always making it work better It is something that will be a very positive strong return on your investment. If you are doing video marketing, SVP is definitely the tool you should have in your arsenal.”


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