Bonus Training

Free Bonus Training for SVP Customers:


Screen Casting Video Series (click links below for videos)

  1. Basic Video Creation & Jing (videos 1&2)
  2. CamStudio Walkthrough
  3. ScreenCast-o-Matic (Free Online Screen-Cast Software)
  4. EZ-Vid Maker


More to come… 

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  1. Doc Palmere

    Bought EBG SVPi on July 24, 2016
    Watched your webinar in replay with a friend today (8-31-16). Nice job.

    Followed and found and this page.

    Two questions:
    1 – Can you share the password to watch the bonus videos?
    (bought with or via paypal on July 24)

    2-Where can i find an instructional video showing me how to use SVPi code and all the tools withing SVPi and EBG on my bootstrap 3 and bootstrap 4 sites? We use wordpress for blogs and now for controlling video across our sites.

    Lastly, Nick’s 13 minute video showing so many functions of SVPi was awesome. I would love to watch to sit in on some live webinars where he does a simple over the shoulder lesson on implementing SVPi on a never used before site.

    Thanks for a great product. Once we figure out how to use all the tools, it will be great.


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