WSO Demo

The demo video below is a self hosted video on Amazon S3.  It demonstrates the following features:

  1. Begin Splash Image
  2. Logo (watermarked in the upper right corner)
  3. Like and Tweet Buttons
  4. Banner Ad display from 10 seconds to 20 seconds (bottom)
  5. Live PayPal Buy Button from 25 seconds to 35 seconds (bottom)
  6. HTML Overlay at 40 Seconds (Demo Opt-in Form)
  7. Content Reveal of second video below at 50 seconds
  8. End Splash image as a PayPal Buy Button

NOTE: If you come back to this page, SVP remembers that you already filled out the form and saw the reveal, so the from will not display again and the reveal content will already be displayed for you – unless you delete your browser cookies.  This is a feature of SVP.   🙂


The second demo video (below) is a YouTube hosted version and demonstrates the following features:

  1. Begin Splash Image
  2. Pin-it, YouTube Subscribe, Like and Tweet Buttons
  3. Start Point set at 45 seconds
  4. Logo (watermarked in the upper right corner)
  5. Banner Ad display at 83 seconds and display for 22  seconds (bottom)
  6. Stop Point set at 2 min 18 seconds (138 seconds)
  7. End Splash image as a link (affiliate link if embedded)
  8. Affiliate Embed Feature turned on below video (you must enter a real affiliate link for it to work)


Affiliate Embed:
When you embed this video on your site, ALL the banner, logo and end-splash links in the video as well as the viral Like / Tweet buttons (if included) will use YOUR affiliate link! Just follow these easy steps...
1. First, enter your entire Affiliate Link (including "http://"):

2. Auto-play - Check here to start the video automatically
3. Video alignment:
Left (text wraps around) Center Right (text wraps around)
4. Enter a video display width (percentage of your web page):
5. Copy resulting embed code below and paste it into your site HTML content: