December 17, 2013 Christmas Giveaway Winners:

Rick Porter won the $100 cash prize! Congratulations Rick!
KS Tan won the $200 cash prize! Way to go KS!
Robert Gage wins the $500 RZMinc gift Card! Congratulations Robert!
Taraz Zale wins the $1000 RZMinc Gift Card Gratzi Taraz!
Margie Zambrana wins the $5000 1 Year of coaching with Nicholas LaPolla package !

May 28, 2014 Video Induction System Giveaway Winners:

Janet More 
Terry Stevens 
Brooks Allisen 

May 30, 2014 Video Induction System Giveaway Winners:

Steve Cherry 
Jan Bruinsma
Greg Bwell 

June 1, 2014 Video Induction System Giveaway Winners:

Keith (last name not available at this time – email on file)
Leo Woer 
Lelio (last name not available at this time – email on file)

June 2, 2014 Video Induction System Giveaway Winners:

Leon Romo 
Mike Jackson 
Jere Moline 

BIG WINNER of Xoto Video Academy: Jewel Carson

June 9, 2014 Webinar Giveaway:

Brenda Wollenberg – Simple Video Marketing Suite

July 17, 2014 Webinar Giveaway:

Thomas Chapo – Fanbuzz Enterprise via giveaway live on webinar

 July 22nd 2014 Giveaway

Camtasia Studio
Teri Morin
Dennis Hill
Claude Fullinfaw

Simple Video Pro PLUS
Nancy Landal
Ian Randell

July 28th 2014 RayTheVideoGuy Webinar Giveaway

Patricia Weber  Camtasia Studio
Pops Gunter       Simple Video Pro PLUS
Ernie Smartt      Youtube market crusher
Sara Lewis          Simple Video Pro PLUS
John Bolton      Camtasia Studio

July 26/27 2014 RayTheVideoGuy Video Contest

Marilyn Galfin  Adhoc RayTheVideoGuy video contest winner Simple Video Pro PLUS

July 26/27 VMFX  Video Contest Winner

Frances Thorsen Gifted Refund!

August 4th 2014 RayTheVideoGuy Webinar Giveaway

John Peavy         Simple Video Pro PLUS
Morris Murphy Camtasia Studio
John Rambo      Youtube Market Crusher
Judy Haines       Tube Detective

August 5th 2014 VMFX  Video Contest Winners

VMFX VIDEO CONTEST    5TH PLACE    Chas Demain               VideoMakerFX
VMFX VIDEO CONTEST    4TH PLACE    Joseph McFarlane    Simple Video Pro PLUS
VMFX VIDEO CONTEST    3RD PLACE    Nathaniel Cuasay      Camtasia Studio & Simple Video Pro PLUS (gifted from Ozzy!)
VMFX VIDEO CONTEST    2ND PLACE    Ozzy IVAN Eyre        Camtasia Studio
VMFX VIDEO CONTEST    1ST PLACE      Lee Casam                   Simple Video Pro PLUS -Camtasia Studio & VideoMakerFX

August 5th 2014 VMFX  Webinar Giveaway

VMFX WEB GIVEAWAY     Gerhard Schnatmann   VideoMakerFX
VMFX WEB GIVEAWAY     Ken Dutton                        Simple Video Pro PLUS
VMFX WEB GIVEAWAY     Janet Diaz                          Simple Video Pro PLUS
VMFX WEB GIVEAWAY     llidio Lopez                      VideoMakerFX
VMFX WEB GIVEAWAY    Ann Stewart                      Simple Video Pro PLUS
VMFX WEB GIVEAWAY    Mike Gray                          VideoMakerFX
VMFX WEB GIVEAWAY    Klara Sajben                      Simple Video Pro PLUS
VMFX WEB GIVEAWAY    Brian Saunders                 Camtasia Studio

August 11th, 2014 Summer Video Madness Webinar Giveaways!!!

Stan Searcy — Simple Video Pro PLUS -Camtasia
Len Ferrara — Camtasia Studio
Leon Bristow — Camtasia Studio
Jerry Frederick — Camtasia Studio
Michael Waterfield — Camtasia Studio
Carl Barker — Simple Video Pro PLUS
Cathleen Keene — Simple Video Pro PLUS
Ted Vinzani — Simple Video Pro PLUS
Theodore Mitchell — Simple Video Pro PLUS
Vickie Griffith — Tube Tracker
Wes Hazlitt — Tube Tracker
Laura Mackintosh — Tube detective
Anna Burton — Youtube Market Crusher
Marjorie J McDonald — Youtube Market Crusher
David Day — Youtube Market Crusher
Jim Barger — Youtube Market Crusher
Anna Burton — Youtube Market Crusher
kaz leighton — Youtube Market Crusher
Ozzy Eyre — Youtube Market Crusher
Rick Eade — Youtube Market Crusher
Chas Demain — Youtube INteractive
D Paramore — Youtube INteractive
John Deck — Youtube INteractive
Josette Williams — Youtube INteractive
Scott Ely — Youtube INteractive
Jim Loesch — Youtube INteractive
Ted Vinzani — Youtube INteractive
Josh Fernandez — Youtube INteractive
Peter (last name not available) — Youtube INteractive
Scott Ely — Youtube INteractive
Gordon Silzer & Lori Hunt — Tube Responder
Justino Nino Cuasay — Tube Responder
Harry Jamison — Flat graphics
Randy Dickinson — Flat graphics
Giovanni_jong — Flat graphics
David Johnston — Flat graphics
Dan Hollister — Flat graphics

August 11th, 2014 Summer Video Madness Video Contest Winners!!!

Randy Parsley — 1st place — Simple Video Pro VMS w/ Camtasia Studio & DOGGY BAG OF RAYS STUFF
Jane Atkinson — 2nd place — Camtasia Studio
Joe Looney — 3rd place — Simple Video Pro PLUS