What Is “Big Data”? Why the Big Deal?

Why the Big Deal About Pixel Tracking In Your Video Marketing Platform?

 Aon Thompkin , explains the new Simple Video Pro Simple Video Targeting (SVT) technology.

SVT integrates advertising & data pixel tracking & targeting compatibility with SVP.

Simple Video Pro’s “Video Marketing Platform” Now Communicates With Your Retargeting, Real Time Bidding and Display Banner advertising campaigns!


Ever wonder how these ad companies follow you around on the internet

with ads from websites you recently visited?


Why do ads on the internet seem designed to try and

sell you stuff you like to surf, on the internet?

 Example of remarketing campaign, infographic

That’s big data folks, that is your data being mined by “cookies” on websites you visit. These cookies are then following you around collecting data while mining the data your internet fingerprints have been collecting.

Over 1400 data points at a minimum, are being stored, analyzed, quantified and matched to data points that vendors have selected as “pertinent” to their products and services. When the match is made, you are then tagged in a way that any relevant ads are then pushed into your queue for future delivery.

Said delivery can be customized GREATLY to ensure the right ad “message” at exactly the right time.

For instance, if you bought the toilet cleaning system from Raycon Corp, but did not elect to take them up on their add on deal for a special price on the “Holy Bowl” toilet cleaner? Holy Bowl ads (compatible with Raycon toilet systems) ADS can be directed at those folks only who bought the Raycon system.

Everywhere they go, according to the campaign settings you design for frequency of ad exposure, ad networks, and a WHOLE lot more, the Holy Bowl ads will be made available to those viewers!

You can set up campaigns to target them for contests, sales, pretty much you name it, if it is fair game in the advertising business? It is likely fair game in pixel tracking advertising.

It does NOT end at re-targeting either! Display banner ad networks use tracking pixels to better gear the ads to the audiences interested in those products/services.

Bottom line? If you are not using tracking pixel advertising, you are missing out on some of the most effective customized targeted advertising available! If you ARE using retargeting or display network advertising, then you are going to LOVE our newest video monetization feature. Simple Video Targeting! (SVT)

Simple Video Targeting allows you to take those tracking pixels and incorporate them into your SVP video marketing platform. Once you do, your videos can become part of your banner ad as well as retargeting advertising campaigns.  If the viewer watches a video with SVT enabled, your campaign gets pinged with that data, so you can move them to the next tier in your campaign and changes the ads AND videos they see next!


You could say, have that Raycon Toilet system, advertised on Google Adsense network, and when one sells, the buyer is excluded from seeing the sales ad for the system and then they are included in the add on campaigns for accessories for the system.

Possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure pixel tracking technology in the video player is not old news.  It in fact does appear that to our knowledge, Simple Video Pro may be pioneering this integration website operated low entry video marketing platforms!  Combine this with  SVP’s new Remote Page Management (RPM)  technology, and you’ve got a powerhouse at your fingertips!

To catch ALL the details on  SVT and RMP, CLICK HERE! 

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