Welcome Aboard

Thank you for contacting Simple Video Pro help desk!

Please follow these steps precisely in this order

To Get The SVP Plugin Download

1) Go here http://simplevideopro.com/download

2) Enter the email address you used with PayPal when you purchased FanBuzz/Simple Video Pro into the empty box 
      in the middle of that page above the “submit” button.

3) Click on the “Submit” button

4) Check that your purchase date matches the actual date of purchase

5) Make note of your expiry date on your calendar. Expiry should be 1-year from date of purchase 
   (Your software will continue to work after the expiry date! We don’t shut off your software!
   You can continue the only difference is, if you fail to renew your software within 30 days of expiry
   All you lose without renewing is access to updates/new features.)

6) Look down the page for the following area (example only below):

 2. Please download your files

       Your Download Links:

7) Download the plugin (zip file) to your desktop or download folder (make note of where it downloads to)
   (This is a plugin NOT a exe file or program that runs on a PC, it gets installed on your website!)

8) Watch the quickstart video at the bottom of the page. It is also on the upper right side menu. Follow all the steps carefully.

9) Watch the install video at the bottom of the page under the quick-start video. Follow all the steps carefully.

10) Take note that all of the tutorial videos are on the bottom of the download page and on the right side menu.