Viral Video Marketing

Viral Video Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be A Big Production

Nothing catches the crowd like a good old fashioned SPANKING NEW viral video!

The current screen hogs are generally Hollywood styled and priced, production wise.
All you need is a good script and a camera to make a good entertaining video.
Think about it, a lot of viral videos are simply homemade and uploaded to Youtube477px-CarrotTop

Capitalize On Current Trends-Make Your Video Memorable

Try and think of a popular topic that is relevant to your business or client you are making the video for.
Use trending news items or currently trending recognizable events celebrities etc to set a scene or tone.

Make your video marketing memorable by eliciting emotion with evocative content, or comedy.
If you are using characters, try and make them memorable as well by using outlandish attire that doesn’t make sense. Example; If the character is a rapper, make him wear a pop stars t-shirt. Crazy hairdo’s work well, or just plain silly language in the dialogue.

Engage, Grow Your Audience & Entertain First
Then & Only Then Should You Try To Sell

Your primary goals should be to get the viewers attention and give them something to laugh about or remember the video by.

Work your core message into the content carefully so that you set the stage for the need of product or service.
Put your best entertaining foot forward prior to rolling out the sales pitch or product shots. 
In that way, the worst case scenario is the video will get the message out and be remembered!

Just be entertaining any way you can and your chances of being shared increase exponentially.
Do what ever you can to encourage people to want to share, then let nature take it’s course.
Click to watch this video for a perfect example, not millions of views but over 65,000 is NOTHING to sneeze at!

 Don’t Force It!

Do not be upset if it does not go viral the first time, just learn from your experience.
Solicit opinions from a wide base of viewers both in public, real life and online.
Don’t just ask your friends what they thought, talk to people you don’t know, listen and learn.

Take the time to develop your script, taking care to change the visual perspective often, a good rule of thumb is every 3 seconds for short videos. 
Notice how TV commercials change the view or camera angle almost every 3 seconds on average? There is a reason for that! Even the US Army uses this tactic in their training videos. <

The rest of us just like our views changing often, so we don’t get bored or worse, fall asleep!

Use The Right Tools

If you are narrating, get a teleprompter, see our DIY teleprompter solution for that!
Try using a light diffuser if you are having trouble with lighting.
For your audio and video equipment you don’t need to blow the budget just to get started either.

All that matters is that your picture and audio is clear.
Click here for some basic tips.


While some would have you believe that high budgets rule the day, most folks don’t have one.
In short, just assemble a quick and cheap video production toolbox in as little time as possible. 

Instead of spending money and time collecting equipment, write scripts first, finalize them, then get out there and shoot film.
Experiment, gain experience and HAVE FUN!

But most of all,

Keep the peace!

 ~Aon Thompkin

  Carrot Top Photo courtesy of

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