Video Marketing Domination

Video Marketing Domination is an intense mastermind environment where you will be immersed into the world of two of the brightest minds in video marketing today.

Nicholas LaPolla & Aon Thompkin of Simple Video Pro, Red Zebra Media, Inc., will be your instructors providing you with in-depth insight into how to make videos that convert AND how to rank those videos or sell them for profit.

Nick & Aon have been developing many game changing strategies for video network and re-targeting ads and there will also be an intensive segment on video advertising covering much of the online video banner and retargeting genre.

If that is not enough, Nick and Aon will also guide you through using leading edge technology to capture audiences on your websites using video.

This course is easily a $10,000 value but will be sold for a fraction of that cost. Over the last year these two have used much of their expertise to create over $3,500,000 in sales on four, 6 & 7 figure launches in 2014 ALONE.

This course will no doubt be an invaluable experience.

You do NOT have to look far to find throngs of ecstatic clients working under these guys who will attest to the value they bring to the table, both in their products and in their business strategies. Your business can only benefit from the experience.

Do NOT miss this opportunity!

The course will unfold over six weeks so you will have enough time to digest the voluminous amount of content.

Launch Delayed until 2016.  Case studies in progress.


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