SSL Now Added To Ranking Algorithm At Google

Google has once again changed the web page ranking algorithm, now secure ssl certificates are getting favor for sites trying to rank!

Google announced just recently as well that https prefixed sites WILL now curry favor in the SERP’s as far as algorithmic preference is concerned. 

They have stated that this addition will be a “very lightweight signal” within the overall ranking algorithm. In fact, Google said this carries “less weight than other signals such as high-quality content.”

Barry Schwartz from advises that “Google has also updated Google Webmaster Tools to better handle HTTPS sites and the reporting on them.” in his article covering the changes.

To help you all in the coming changes we have prepared the following quick change action sheet;

What is needed and what will it cost?1. SSL registration and SSL Cert file: Between $10 and $50 per year2. Dedicated IP: Approx $50 per year (do not need if the web hosting company is using the new IP Version 6)3. Installation of the SSL Cert file on the web server: $10 to $20Steps to get SSL:1. Contact your web host and see if they will install an SSL cert that you get from somewhere else. Preferably & specifically ask if they will install a “Comodo” “domain validation” “PositiveSSL” SSL Cert from they do:a. Order the static IP from your web host if neededb. Get the information you need from the web host (IP Address, etc.)c. Get a “domain validation” “PositiveSSL” SSL Cert from for about $10 per year.…/ssl…/domain-validation.aspxd. When the SSL Cert file is ready, give it to the web host and pay them to install it on the server for your domain.2. If the web host will only install SSL Certs they obtain, then order it from them and they can take care of the rest.3. Change all your website settings to use SSL. For example:a. In WordPress, change the General Settings for WordPress URL and Site URL from “” to “https://yourdomain.comb. Edit images and make sure that they are all using “https://” in the source URL. (you can also use “//”)c. Edit any video source file URL to use “https://”4. When you log in to edit your site, make sure you do so using https://