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Command MORE Sales, GROW Your Audience, MAXIMIZE Video!


NICK ON STAGE at the Warrior Event in NC - Simple Video Pro

Hi!  My name is Nicholas LaPolla. I am a married father of three boys from California, with three areas of study:

  • Software programming
  • Videography
  • Marketing

I spend a LOT of my time teaching FREE online classes to help people grow their businesses!


You’re welcome to register for my FREE classes; just click the “Free Classes” link at the top of the page!


I look forward to seeing you, we have a LOT of fun!




Discover how my software can help you:


Drive LOTS of NEW Traffic to Your Business
GROW Your Audience &
Command MORE Sales!


Watch the 2 minute video below:





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Notice how the video below begins to play when it comes into view…

We pioneered this technology!



Command MORE Sales, GROW Your Audience, MAXIMIZE Video!

icon-brainSmart: Enjoy Peace of Mind

Because SVP runs on your website, you are not at the mercy of your video player company’s servers; store your video assets where you wish for your own peace of mind – your valuable assets are always in your control.


icon-flexFlexible: Always Growing in Ways Others Can’t + Freedom of Choice

The first thing that sets us apart from the competition: we do not use an outside white label or licensed player. As such, we are not limited by some one else’s code. We can build in any feature that our clients request; we’ve added dozens of features when they make sense and we WILL ALWAYS do so. Our clients’ ideas have become some of the most effective and exciting features we have ever added to SVP. Our door is always open to suggestions, and we take them seriously.

Flexible goes way beyond expanding features; Simple Video Pro videos and features can be embedded on ANY HTML, HTML5, Joomla, Drupal or any type of web page and the video assets managed from one WordPress installation. Even better: Simple Video Pro works on both desktop and mobile devices.


icon-trophySuccessful: Valuable Advanced Marketing Training You Can USE Right Away

The third benefit to owning Simple Video Pro is our willingness to share our extensive online marketing experience in our complimentary advanced marketing strategy workshops. This is a crucial asset to SVP owners that provides valuable strategic planning and implementation training that you can use in your business right away.


Clear Choice: Simple Video Pro

When you carefully consider the combination of Simple Video Pro’s Smart design, Success oriented training and continued Flexible Growth, the choice becomes clear: Simple Video Pro is THE go to video marketing solution! 



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