Selling With Video Marketing Software

Film companies have been doing it ever since the first theaters opened in the 1890’s.

Since then, the art of selling products on film,
has proliferated the movie industry and driven advertising in every way wall

That “art” has changed immensely.

Now with the internet assisting businesses to get their message out, video has evolved into the ultimate marketing tool, second to no other.

Technology Empowers Modern Business

With all the incredible technological advances in video production & computerized video editing, anyone can quickly churn out effective video presentations.

One does not need to spend vast sums of money to achieve good results. There are plenty of economical methods and products to assist in production of assets for your video marketing campaigns.

Also technologically advancing quickly, are the tools for managing your video marketing campaigns. Monetizing your online video assets is now a simple process, that can be automated with simple cost effective tools.
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Fact is, today we know that people who view product videos are far more likely to buy the product they like, than people not viewing the product videos. The numbers are rather compelling and make a very strong case for the effectiveness of video marketing.

Video has an uncanny ability to convey deep emotion and affect decision making in a short period of time. Case point in example is the following video. In less than 4 minutes a very strong case for environmentalism is made without visually offensive imagery of dying forests, polluted lakes or overflowing landfills.


This is a fantastic example of how well done, simple video presentations can properly convey a message. The same evocative format can easily work for business.

Succeeding In Business Using Video Marketing Software

Your potential for success marketing your business with video is only limited by your imagination, and the tools you employ to produce and distribute your message.

Examples of success with video are too many to fully itemize here. One such case surrounds a company called “Step2”.  They managed to produce an additional 174% in increased conversion rates from shoppers who watched product videos, as compared to those who did not.

You don’t have to look far to find statistics proving that video marketing is taking over virtually all areas of advertising effectiveness. The bottom line is if you are not using it in your business, you are likely missing out on a LOT of your deserved market share.

Video marketing software can take your message, brand it, deliver it to prospective subscribers/clients.  It can then collect their contact data and if desired, give them the opportunity to buy your product/service, or interact with you for more information.

This enabling of e-commerce is accomplished by overlaying your videos, with clickable interactive logos, banner ads, and buy buttons at specific times in the video to achieved the desired goal.

All of this can be automated for a truly push button experience for your prospective clients/subscribers.

Internet Video Traffic Is Off The Chain

Cisco  states that ” Globally, consumer Internet video traffic will be 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2017, up from 57 percent in 2012.”  it is undeniable at this point. We are watching more and more videos online everyday.

That traffic is spending an enormous amount of their time watching longer videos as well.

Why is this happening?

The Technifficulties Are Retreating!

With cellular companies advancing data delivery technology rapidly, mobile data plans are now more affordable.

At the same time, and in many cases, before their time, mobile phone manufacturers are producing larger screens on their phones. This is drastically improving the viewer experience.

Tablets and phablets are also rapidly assuming a nice chunk of market share as consumers demand more video landscape on their devices.

But let’s back up the truck of progress for a moment and examine the history of video briefly.

History Of The Word “Video”

Long before the word “video” was coined and attributed to the visual counterpart to audio in approximately 1935, advertisers knew that moving pictures offered a more human aspect to their sales presentations.

By the early 60’s the word videotape began to form a closer relative of the meaning we are more frequently associating with what used to be known as a movie.

The actual roots of the word “video” have been traced back to, (at the very least) the start of Indo-European Language and is defined as “I see”.

Yet today the word is commonly associated with an actual visual presentation, a movie as it were, or film for baby boomers. No matter what we perceive today, throughout history there have been many words birthed from the womb of video. A fascinating fact is that they all seemed to originate from derivatives of the words; certainty, wisdom, wise and a few other words having the same or similar meanings.

One cannot help but wonder what people of those ancient times would have called “video” had they the opportunity to see one, as they are known today. It may very well have been called much worse!

However it IS also likely that if we could travel back in time and show our ancient forefathers the product of the future wars and pollution, in a video, that things may be VERY different today!


Keep The Peace

~Aon Thompkin

Video wall image by Robert Scoble

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