Video Marketing Website Monetization With Simple Video Pro RPM!

Once again we are VERY pleased to announce a game-changer for the video marketing industry.

Recently we announced the release of our Simple Video Targeting system.

Now we have done it again! Announcing our Remote Page Management (RPM) technology.

What Does It Do For Me?
Imagine changing video content OR entire webpages for NUMEROUS client or self owned sites without having to log in to the sites!

Picture your webmaster split testing two different sales-pages to see which one performs higher conversions, and not ever having to log in to the targeted site!

Quick page switches are now easy-breezy with Simple Video Pro’s Remote page Management Or SVP (RPM) for short!

Redline your marketing and market testing with SVP RPM!

What Is It?

RPM OR Remote Page Management is a new module available within Simple Video Pro that once installed, gives you a portal from your website to your other sites, OR client sites! Through this portal you can change the content, the advertising, retargeting and YES even Facebook Ad tracking pixels onto any controlled sites!

RPM allows you to place content above the video and below the video remotely on SVP videos that are embedded on outside websites.

You can also set up timed content reveal remotely and even display entire sales pages using RPM.

This opens the door MASSIVELY towards YET MORE ways to monetize your content.

Integrated With  Simple Video Targeting (SVT) !!

BY combining Simple Video Targeting (SVT) with SVP-RPM you can now control what content they see, AND what content they see NEXT time they surf the web!

Industry changing technology like this, is why Simple Video Pro is commanding the top spot as the ONLY Video Marketing Platform with so many ways to monetize your videos AND websites!

To catch ALL the details of  RPM and SVT, Click HERE!