When you upload a video to Amazon S3 or YouTube, the video is “hosted” there.  Then you use the URL of the video and put that into the Simple Video Pro settings for the SOURCE.  SVP plays the video on your website — or it can be embedded on other websites — with all the cool settings and features you decide to supercharge it with.


IF you have a domain with SSL (https), you can use SVP to post your video on Facebook Timelines.  The SSL is required by Facebook if you want something to display on their network.


If your site has SSL, you need to log in with SSL (https) — for example: https://yourdomain/wp-admin


You also need the WP General Settings to have https for the Site and WordPress paths.


Once logged in, in the SVP Settings, under the Controls+Embed tab, there will be a button that says “Post Directly to Facebook Time Line” — if you are not logged in with https or your domain does not have SSL, you will see “Share on Facebook”.

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