The Complete VIDEO MARKETING PLATFORM Already In Use On Over 10,000 Websites Just Got Better!


We’ve Already Helped 1,000s Of Marketers, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs MAXIMIZE Engagement And Conversions.

How Can We Help You?


It’s Nick LaPolla! A few years ago, I launched Simple Video Pro. Back then, I knew it was going to TRANSFORM the world of video marketing.

You know what? It did.

Simple Video Pro’s intuitive interface and cross-platform compatibility makes it easy for everyone—from large businesses and corporations to solo-entrepreneurs—to increase conversions on sales pages and engage website visitors with interactive videos.

Thousands of marketers and businesses have already made Simple Video Pro a powerful tool in their marketing arsenal.

And right now, I’m back to tell you that Simple Video Pro is better than ever.

You’ve got to understand that this isn’t just “another video player” that we’re talking about. Simple Video Pro is A Complete Video Marketing Platform.

What am I talking about?


Smart Business Owners And Entrepreneurs Always Say “Video Is What Converts.” With Simple Video Pro, Video Converts BETTER.

Ok. Ok.

Simple Video Pro isn’t the only way to get videos to convert and engage an audience. But it is the easiest and “simplest” way. Businesses and marketers have made Simple Video Pro the go-to choice over and over again by using it on over 10,000 websites to date.


Because with Simple Video Pro (SVP) you can quickly and easily set up an amazing video conversion tool with just a few clicks.

You already know that video performs better than text—a lot better. In fact, I would be surprised if you are even reading this sentence right now. And you definitely know that if you’re not using video, you are missing out. But how do you know if Simple Video Pro is for you?

  • If You Have Under-Performing Videos

  • If Your Sales Pages Are Not Converting

  • If You Want To Make Video Sharing MORE Effective

  • If You’re Interested In Monetizing Videos The Easy Way

  • Or If You Want To Send Conversion Rates Through The Roof

Simple Video Pro is what you are looking for.

If you want more ways to make your videos sell than you know what to do with, you want Simple Video Pro. There’s nothing else that’s going to pack all of these features into a single affordable plugin.

Conversion And Engagement Happens Through Interaction. Interaction Happens With Simple Video Pro.

The first step to engaged audiences is to set up Simple Video Pro—using logo-branding, timed action, and maybe even walk-on videos.

Yes—you’ve got to have WordPress to run it but, NO, it’s not JUST a WordPress plugin.

From WordPress, you can use Simple Video Pro just like a self-hosted video management center where you can control all of your video asses on multiple websites from just one place. Unlike other WP plug-ins, you just need one WordPress install to be up and running on all of your websites.

Once Simple Video Pro is up and running, you’re ready to make video work for your marketing strategy.

It’s easy to be in complete control of all of your video assets,  to embed video on any HTML, HTML5, Joomla, or Drupal web page without any of the traditionally hassle of embed codes, and to engage your audience with custom videos that are interactive.

Over 10,000 Websites Already Use Simple Video Pro To  Increase Audience Engagement And Monetize Video!

The Ideal Marketing Solution For Every Type Of Business:

  • Businesses – Simple Video Pro makes video marketing easy! With just a few clicks you can create viral marketing camaigns without hiring contractors or a dedicated video production and marketing team. SVP is already the go-to marketing tool for hundereds of businesses.

  • Web Designers – When your clients demand audience engagement, you can use Simple Video Pro to deliver. Convert viewers into buyers with in-video tools that make video marketing fast and easy. Mange multiple self-hosted videos and videos across multiple websites with a single platform.

  • Contractors – Use Simple Video Pro to develop your own brand, or impress clients with your ability to produce professional videos that engage audiences, entertain and drive conversions. You have the power to develier “top-teir” videos that demand a “top-teir” price tag.

  • Internet Marketers- Manage subscribers, promotions, product launches, sales affiliates and webistes with ease. If you’re currently outsourcing your video production and video marketing costs, consider the profit you can put back into your pocket with the tool your freelancers might already be using.

What About Features?

Take A Look At Simple Video Pro In Action:


Press And Play Monetization Tools

Logo Branding

Timed Banner Ad

Timed PayPal Buy Button

Splash Images – Begin Splash/End Splash/PayPal Button

URL Redirect

Easy Engagement And List Building Capabilities

Custom HTML Overlay

Timed Action

Content Reveal

Reveal Other Videos Together

Viral Traffic Generation Without The Hassle

Viral Social Media Share Buttons

Embed Code

Affiliate Embed Code

All The Features You Wish YouTube Had, Made Simple

Set start and stop points

Disable YouTube link

Complete Control Alignment

Exact Sizing Options


Custom Colors And Design

And More!

Email Opt-In Forms

Walk-On Video

Scarcity Timers

Proven Features And A Proven Platform For Success.

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When You Join 1,000s Satisfied Of Simple Video Pro Users, You’ll Be Able To:

Making All The Other Video Players Obsolete Wasn’t Enough, So We Added These New Features:

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NEW! Use SVP Interactive Presentations To Engage Your Audience Like Never Before!

With Interactive Presentations the conversion commanding power of Simple Video Pro is greater than ever before.

This brand-new audience engagement booster lets you…

  • Entertain Your Visitors With Dynamic Videos

  • Create Content That Adapts To Viewer Decisions

  • Develop Campaigns That Immerse Viewers

  • Utilize Stunning, Memorable Presentations

The new interactive presentations feature lets you change the video AND webpage content based on viewer decisions.

When your viewers play a role in what’s coming next, you get to keep their attention for longer periods of time. The best part is, Interactive Presentations lets you engage visitors across the entire webpage—not just in the video player.

More attention means higher conversions—and that’s exactly what we are seeing. Interactive Presentations is commanding conversions at levels that we’ve NEVER SEEN BEFORE.

NEW! Funnel Cash Right Into Your Hands With New Simple Video Targeting Functionality

With Simple Video Targeting, SVP offers more ways than ever to monetize videos and connect them to rich media display banner advertising and re-targeting campaign networks.

Now, you can connect your website right to advertising networks and create custom campaigns that work alongside interactive network ads—all while playing different videos to viewers each time they see your ads.

With Video Targeting Functionality You Can…

  • Walk Your Viewers Though A Story

  • Let Them Pick Up Where They Leave Off

  • Follow Them WHEREVER They Surf

  • The Possibilities Are Endless!

It doesn’t matter where visitors are—they can be on your site or surfing other sites on the net—campaigns on your website will synchronize with interactive network ads so that you can KILL banner blindness while destroying negative bounce rates.

NEW! Multi-Site Split Test With Ease Or Rapidly Shift Sales Campaign Strategy With Remote Page Management!

Brand new Remote Page Management (RPM) expands possibilities even further. Now you have the power to change the content of your site or hundreds of sites all at once, with the press of a single button.

What does this mean?

You Can Split Test With Absolute Ease An You Can Quickly Alter Complete Campaigns In Minutes!

No other video player or video marketing platform offers one-click remote management capability. Simple Video Pro is the first tool that brings this technology to the market.

Simple Video Pro Has Over 150 Features That Are CONSTANTLY UPDATED

Guys like Google are always changing the rules.

That’s why we constantly update Simple Video Pro with new features that comply with the latest video SEO criteria and ranking algorithms.

And it’s not just about Google either. Simple Video Pro is the all-in-one system that’s easy to use with self-hosted servers or:

One WordPress Install Gives You Control Of Video Across All Of Your HTML & WordPress Websites:

How Do I Know Simple Video Pro Is So Effective?

Because These Users Told Me So:


You Can Have An Updated Version Of The Video Marketing Platform That Changed The Way Marketers Make Videos “Sell” For A FRACTION Of The Normal Price

What’s The Best Way To See If Simple Video Pro Is For You?

Try It Risk Free!

Sometimes, the best way to find out if something is going to work for you is to try it yourself.  That’s why I am offering my 30-day risk free guarantee.

Simple Video Pro is one of the most powerful tools in the internet marketing world and you’re about to see why completely risk-free.

Click to order and try it for yourself. I’ll hold on to your money for 30 days and if Simple Video Pro isn’t everything you need it to be, I’ll give you your money back. That guarantee is on top an already incredible limited-time price.

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