Mobile Video Viewers On The Long Ride!


Times are a changing and so is our preference for how we get our daily data!

Video on mobiles is fast becoming practical, in fact we are already there as data plans get cheaper and wifi hotspots proliferate the landscape.

Connectivity stability and speed are making mobile video a reality.

So much so that we are watching more, much longer videos on our phones as we go about our day.

The numbers are in, and they are showing a steady increase in our appetite for content that is dished up hot on a video player.

This trend has been rapidly increasing as big data and mobile delivery technology steps it up in the 21st Century.

share of total on tablet and mobile


Business is fast transitioning to delivering their online content via mobile video to match our insatiable desire for moving pictures.

This is a trend with no end in sight and why not?

If we can get our daily dose of data and be entertained without squinting and scrolling, we might just benefit from more information FASTER!

Now we see the dawn of the new age of education and entertainment take on a new shape, one our children might just benefit from.

I still enjoy a good book from time to time.

But I must admit, if information can be delivered at 30 & 60 minute chunks by video and my phone bill is kept sane?

Call me nuts but you can bring it on and make them videos long!

Because if a picture is worth a thousand words … is a video a million?

For sure a LOT of information can be jammed into a short video, industry is getting better at this every day.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the younger generations penchant for knowledge.

The advent of the internet ushered an age of mass dissemination of knowledge.

But it is one thing to sit in front of a PC all day surfing and reading, imagine being released from those confines!

Jury is out on whether or not this will lead to faster uptake of information, as many factors will come into play, it is still early in the trend.

One thing is for sure, the single biggest impediment to mobile delivery is quickly evaporating.

Along with it, apparently, is our aversion to watching long videos on our mobiles!

Keep The Peace!
~Aon Thompkin

Long form video share of time consumed


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