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In 2014, Thales Teixeira, published an article for the      showing that, at the time, 

“the cost of attention has increased dramatically (seven‐ to nine‐fold) in the last two decades.”

THAT was 2014…it isn’t getting any cheaper. 

Now you can can maximize attention using the neuromarketing science of sales solutions and strategies.


If YOU want up to:

1064% MORE Engagement
859% Deeper Interaction
514% MORE $ales?

Join us and discover…
The connection between attention,
the human brain

How To maximize attention across ALL marketing channels!

If you are concerned your business
is NOT getting enough

attention on your:

Social Media

If you are doing content
creation, content marketing or
publishing of any kind?


30 Days FREE Attention Class!

“Since 2012, EyeBall Glue is leading the ‘Attention Focusing’
space with science of sales based 
solutions & strategy that put’s
MORE attention on you and your business”

We CAN help you get all the attention you need!





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